Supply Chain Review
Manage Duty payments, ensure Customs compliance and reduce intervention in the supply chain.
Supply Chain Review
Customs Compliance & Security

Macaw’s SCR process helps ensure your business is compliant with Customs Regimes, Regulated Processes and Security applicable for international trade. Our service portfolio includes:

Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) certification programme
Companies that demonstrate a high level of security and safety controls within their international supply chain will receive improved Customs facilitation incorporating lower intervention rates. SCR assists its clients to achieve accreditation and benefit from expedited procurement.

Duty Management
Macaw’s SCR assists its clients to take advantage of the various Customs regimes specifically designed to assist traders in deferring duty payments. These regimes vary from processing relief for imported/exported product to virtual warehousing.

Commodity classification
Incorrect classification can result in higher levels of duty being paid on imported products. SCR assists its clients to correctly classify their products in order to help eliminate overpaid duties and potential Customs penalties.

Cross Border Compliance
Macaw’s SCR assists clients in obtaining Import/Export Licenses, Certificates of Origin and general cross border activities.

Security Audits and Risk Assessments
As regulatory authorities place greater emphasis on process controls and physical site security, such as the Department of Transport “Known Consignor”, SCR audits and risk assessments assist its clients to identify the necessary changes that will ensure compliance.

Management of the Regulatory Process
MIDAS provides its clients with ongoing support in duty management, intrastat, warehousing and compliance regimes and procedures. This includes activities such as raising periodic returns for Customs, site audits and the maintenance of Customs records.

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